Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands

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Need a free lawyer?

Mostly, Legal Aid helps people who have low income. Some of our offices also have grants. These grants let them help people over age 60 or who are abused. Some of the grants let us help these people no matter how much money they have. To see if we can help you, call Legal Aid at 1-800-238-1443. Legal Aid has lawyers and paralegals in 8 offices. In general, we help with:

  • Getting into public or Section 8 housing
  • Money problems
  • Stopping people you know from hurting you
  • Getting health care
  • Medicare problems
  • Getting disability payments (SSI and SSDI)
  • Special education problems
  • Tax problems
  • Some other legal problems that affect families

We only take legal problems that you yourself can’t go to jail for. If you have a criminal case, you need to call the Public Defender’s office. To see what kinds of cases we take, click HERE.

We take as many cases as we can. We are sorry we don’t have enough lawyers for everyone. What if we can’t take your case? We still may be able to give you one-time legal advice. Or tell you where else you can get help. We also have booklets on this website. They may help you with your legal problem. Click HERE to see the booklets. You can get free advice on the spot at our Walk-in Clinics. Click HERE to find out more.

Please call before you come in. Call 1-800-238-1443. It's a free call. OR call the direct number for any office. To get the phone, address or counties it serves, click on the office name in the list on the right. OR click on the county where you live in the map. Then you will see how to contact that office. Below the map it tells you the office name and which color it is.

You may also be able to get FREE legal help on the internet at . Click here to go to that web site and see if you meet their rules.