Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands

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Tennessee Taxpayer Project

The Tennessee Taxpayer Project is a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. It gives free legal help to people with tax problems.

In 2008 the Project obtained over $1,075,243 in federal income tax benefits for low-income families – many of whom were elderly, victims of domestic violence or immigrants.

Services include:

  • Answering tax questions
  • Helping with IRS Audits or Exams
  • Settling tax debts
  • Stopping tax liens and levies
  • Representing people in Tax Court (deficiency notices, etc.)
  • Keeping you from paying all the back taxes owed by both you and your husband or wife (Innocent Spouse Relief)
  • Getting back your part of the tax refund (Injured Spouse Claims)
  • Appealing Earned Income Tax Credit turn downs
  • Proving you are an employee, not an independent contractor
  • Filing Appeals

To find out more or get an appointment, call 1-866-481-3669. It’s a free call.